Lead times, cost and materials

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

It can vary significantly in both time and cost of materials - flat bodied instruments (e.g Teles) require very little carving so are much quicker to construct than carved instruments (e.g Les Pauls). Hollow bodies take longer to carve than solid bodies because they are chambered and the inside of the top is carved to mirror the outside. Plain fretboards with dot inlays can be constructed fairly quickly, but binding doubles the time required to install frets and bespoke inlays need to be designed, cut out and installed.

It can take between 3 - 9 months to build a guitar depending on the style, wood choice and finish. A materials deposit is required to reserve your build slot. Initial conversation, design, sourcing and seasoning of specialist woods can take up to six months prior to your build slot - depending on complexity and rarity of materials.

Wood selection

Here are some examples of tone woods I have to help you envisage what your finished guitar could look like. There are many other commonly used species that I order in when required. e.g Black Limba, Swamp Ash, Wenge, Alder etc. Ordering in a specific piece may increase lead time because I have to be sure the wood is seasoned properly.


Rare carve top

Croatian Flamed Maple

Quarter sawn, tight figured carve top

Croatian Flamed Maple

Tiger flame carve top

Bosnian Quilted Maple

Pale quilted figured carve top

Bosnian Flame/Spalted Maple

Flamed and spalted eagle-like figure

Bosnian Flamed Walnut

Tiger flame figured carve top

American Black Walnut

One-piece body

Bosnian Flamed Walnut

One-piece body

Neck woods & construction

I generally build necks in the traditional way - out of a single piece of quarter sawn wood, but with a volute behind the nut for additional strength and stability. However I can build with laminates and contrast strips on request.

The following woods are available: African Mahogany, Flamed or birdseye Maple, Flamed Walnut, Ovangkol, Wenge, etc

Fretboards & faceplates

For fretboards, I use various varieties of ebony, including Macassar, Indian and Gabon ebony as well as Indian Rosewood, Pau Ferro and Ziricote. Other species can be ordered in.

Headstock faceplates can be made to either match the fretboard or the figured top of the body, in some cases I can get a matching faceplate, trussrod cover, fretboard binding and control cover out of the same figured piece as the body.

Next available build slots from January 2021 onwards