Bespoke, hand-crafted guitars

Made in West Oxfordshire, UK

I create a small number of bespoke electric guitars each year, using mostly hand tools to create fine and unique instruments from high quality seasoned tone woods, premium electronics and hardware. Each guitar is made entirely in-house, from resawing raw timber through to spraying lacquer and final assembly. No instrument leaves the workshop without my confidence that it is the best work I can do.

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My fascination with the guitar started at about the age of six or seven when I used to sit in front of my dad's hifi listening to the likes of Iron Maiden and Scorpions. Once I knew that it was a guitar making all those awesome sounds, I pestered my parents for what seemed like months (it was probably a week) and eventually they bought me a 3/4 size classical guitar and booked me in for some guitar lessons. I got my first electric guitar (pictured) for my 11th birthday and stuck with it ever since.

My obsession with building guitars didn't start until my early thirties. Looking back, it was a natural transition that I should have made years ago.